Sunrise, Sunrise

Without an indication of what the morrow brings, I set aside worry and live for the day. I set out, not for premium circumstances-those will always change- but to live out the full design of who I am, developing myself rather than being molded by the currents of the world. I cannot see around the bend: will needs be met? desires fulfilled? dreams achieved? I don’t know. I don’t know my ending. But why should that matter? If I base my current decisions to match an ideal ending, I am hardly living, rather I’d be working towards an end and when that end arrives I’ll be left to design another aim or to remain stagnant and wandering. Neither of which would be fulfilling. Instead, I arise to let the end be the product of my present endeavors, maximizing every memory to its peak potential.

I release the ill of want, replaced by the intention of living. Vague, possibly, yet liberating from the tyrants of standards.To Be My Own

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